What We Do

This website is dedicated to communicating the life and unique interests of Jacob and Lo with our families in addition to the writing of Lo Potter. You’ll find Dark Sky Photography, Historiography (focused in photography and investigations), Book Reviews, Antique Electronics Rebuilds, Repurpose & Repair, Cute Pet Adventures, and Mindful Life Retrospectives.

There will be Roughly Academical writing and there will be Poetry. I look forward to getting feedback regarding what readers enjoy when it comes to my Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry as these are more impersonal and open for criticism/discussion.

You may see posts from Jacob from time to time on a variety of topics 🙂

Recent Posts

I’ve Walked On A Ruptured Achilles Tendon For Over A Year

One of the things I learned at my appointment at UCSF was that the failure for my right Achilles tendon to respond to one if the normal reflex triggers is because the tendon ruptured. I’ve been walking on a ruptured Achilles tendon for over a year. An injury I shouldn’t be able to walk on […]

The Castro We Knew – A Poem

Yesterday, Jacob and I drove through our old neighborhood in San Francisco after my UCSF appointment before we started our drive back to Montana to quarantine for 2 weeks. While we couldn’t see anyone in person, I wanted to see the city that stole a part of me. What we saw? My heart breaks for […]