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Here, Lo and Jacob communicate their lives and unique interests with their families in addition to the writing of Lo Potter. You’ll find Dark Sky Photography, Historiography (focused in photography), Book Reviews, Celebrations Of Friends’ Creations, Antique Electronics Rebuilds, Repurposes & Repairs, Cute Pet Adventures, and Mindful Life Retrospectives.

You may see posts from Jacob from time to time on a variety of topics 🙂

Recent Posts

Announcement: Twitch Channel

Hey Everyone! I now have a channel on Twitch so you have an opportunity to hang out with me while I’m reading antique books, editing photographs, researching photographs, writing, and doing historic document research. As a general warning: my research on primary documents from the 19th and early 20th century can be disturbing. I find … Continue reading Announcement: Twitch Channel

A Reflection On Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson And “Decades Of Division” Growing up in Virginia the Civil War history unit always started with Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson – the only president we don’t know the true state of birth for because he was born on the border of North and South Carolina. He is best known as the Original Jackass … Continue reading A Reflection On Andrew Jackson

Pet Obituary: Freckles

In 2014, I wrote my first pet obituary for our beloved dog, Freckles. She impacted me as much as many of my other human friends and family have and I knew her longer than some of my other friends that had and have since passed. I wrote this obituary as a gift for my family … Continue reading Pet Obituary: Freckles