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Here, Lo and Jacob communicate their lives and unique interests with their families in addition to the writing of Lo Potter. You’ll find Dark Sky Photography, Historiography (focused in photography), Book Reviews, Celebrations Of Friends’ Creations, Antique Electronics Rebuilds, Repurposes & Repairs, Cute Pet Adventures, and Mindful Life Retrospectives.

You may see posts from Jacob from time to time on a variety of topics 🙂

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A Journal Retrospective: Notes On A Dystopian Speculative Fiction Idea

Going through my old journals, I sometimes come across old story ideas that look like I wrote them late at night in a crazed state of sleep deprivation. “They” represents the government/society, I think? Here is one such example: “ Breeders Based on the date, I can only assume I came up with this idea … Continue reading A Journal Retrospective: Notes On A Dystopian Speculative Fiction Idea

Living In Two Places

I started writing this while we were in the process of moving. We’re driving back and forth between the new house and the old. It’s an 8 hour drive each way, though this last time was 13-15 hours. I lost track. I always struggle with big transitions, and I’m never aware of how much until … Continue reading Living In Two Places

I Published A Book

I published a book! The hardback is available for purchase through the printer, and the paperback is distributed through Ingram Global Distribution, which unfortunately has a mysterious turn around time of no one knows because it is unpredictable. L’identitĂ©… A Collection Of Poetry By Lo Potter Book Preview   Reviews are greatly appreciated. I haven’t … Continue reading I Published A Book