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Here, Lo and Jacob communicate their lives and unique interests with their families in addition to the writing of Lo Potter. You’ll find Dark Sky Photography, Historiography (focused in photography), Book Reviews, Celebrations Of Friends’ Creations, Antique Electronics Rebuilds, Repurposes & Repairs, Cute Pet Adventures, and Mindful Life Retrospectives.

You may see posts from Jacob from time to time on a variety of topics 🙂

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L’IdentitĂ© Politique 03•26•2021

I decided that something positive had to come of today besides that gorgeous Seattle weather. Therefore, it’s official. I’m selling a poetry book. And it now has an official launch date. You might see a few different images floating around for the upcoming poetry collection L’IdentitĂ© Politique (first pictured above, the rest to follow): I … Continue reading L’IdentitĂ© Politique 03•26•2021