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If you stumbled here you are likely looking for Lo Potter’s writing or their book reviews. You might also be interested in some of the other features, such as author resources and bizarre little experiments or anecdotes. You’re in the right place.

If you are looking for Lo Potter’s current writings on the future projections of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic in the United States based on their academic background, you can hop over here.

Other writings you will see are personal updates, publication announcements, and announcements with links if others review my work as well.

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For writing reviews, here is the process:

I read new, emerging, and indie authors’ works and (optionally) live tweet my reactions up until I detect major spoilers. At that point I cut off the live tweet review.

After the live tweet review (or after reading the book if there was no live tweet review) I write a long form review. These reviews get posted on platforms such as GoodReads and Amazon. For information on my rating scale for these websites, visit here. I am happy post these in additional locations upon request. Authors are welcome to use anything I say about the book in marketing materials.

If an author prefers me to not live tweet my reactions, that’s okay! This is all about giving these authors love, support, and constructive criticism. I encourage authors to share this opinion with me.

If you want honest and mindful book reviews that aren’t hypercritical over stupid stuff (i.e. subjective “I don’t like your story”), this is the place for you as either the reader or the author 🙂 I have calculated it out and I spend a minimum of 20-30 hours on every book review. That said, if an author would like an additional set of eyes on interrupting errors for future editions, I am happy to accommodate and provide this feedback directly. I try to only mention grammar issues if they interrupt the reading experience.

Please note that I am a member of the LGBTQA+ community and every single one of my reviews features a section dedicated to this community’s potential perception of the book and its potential value to other members of this community. If you do not want your book reviewed by a member of the LGBTQA+ community, do not send it to me.

New York: Are We Flattening The Curve?

When Hospitals Are Overwhelmed Emergency Services Cut Low Likelihood Resuscitation As of 1 April, 2020 EMTs in NYC have been instructed to not resuscitate cardiac arrest patients if they cannot get a pulse at the scene. ABC 7 New York explained the reasoning behind this call best: “ “When you’re doing the CPR, you’re pushing […]

Coronavirus US Curve Update: How’s That Flattening Going?

On a national level, we can see changes in forecasting by the model I’m using. As of 30 March 2020 we were set to diagnose our 500,000th case on 4 April, 2020. Flattening the curve is succeeding in different parts of the country. As of 12:01AM 1 April, 2020, we have moved that projection out […]

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