An Introduction to Lo Potter Writes

An Introduction

Welcome to the first post! Here I am going to give you a list of the first 5 books I am reviewing. As you may have noticed, I like to write reviews of books by new and emerging authors. This also includes independent authors.

September 2019:

Chasing Peace by Alaine Greyson (Live Tweet Review, Full Review (Spoiler Warning: Mild)

October 2019:

If you would like to be among the future books that I read, please let me know! Requirements:

  • Print Edition Must Be Available (preferably paperback)
  • Under $20 (USD)

You must respond to either one of my calls on twitter for new books to read in the upcoming month


You can send me an e-mail with the subject line: Only a Hippopotamus Will Do (e-mails not including this subject will be ignored)

In this e-mail include:

  • a link to where I can purchase your book.
  • a brief introduction to yourself
  • a link to your Twitter and/or personal website (if applicable).

IF you are interested in sending me a copy of your book, please send me an e-mail with the subject line: The Buffalo Seem Fine to Me and I will respond to each inquiry on a case-by-case basis.

I, too, am curious. What do you see up there? Is that where all my lost objects go?

— Lo Potter.

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