November 2019: “Kitty’s First Day of School” By Sarah Linx

Plot Summary (Caution! Spoilers):
It’s Kitty’s first day of school, and she doesn’t know what to expect. As we progress through the school day, Kitty learns how the school is structured. She meets Ms. Whiskers, Mr. Clef, Mr. Geo, and Ms. Star. Additionally, with a new friend Kitty makes an effort to improve the school’s sign when a child brings up its dilapidated state. When kitty returns home, her mother asks how her day went.

My Overall Response:
Many children don’t know what to expect when they encounter their first day of school. Sarah Linx takes the time to explain this in a child-friendly manner with fun illustrations. While the structure of the school day in this book is one of many different structure options, it still provides an excellent overview for the mind of a young child.

This is the kind of book that could easily have many sequels as we explore Kitty’s experiences with the world 🙂

LGBTQA Friendly?
This book is not unfriendly, nor does it approach the topic of identity. Given that the focus is the structure of a school day, it would be off-topic to include in any LGBTQA reading lists.

The grammar and word choice are simple and easy to follow. Perfect for a young audience! I appreciate that the author recognized that the parent/adult would be the narrator and uses second-person point of view to engage the listening child.

Twilight Zone Moment:
As an adult reading a children’s book, it’s not appropriate to attempt to find a twilight zone moment. I expect discontinuity in children’s books.

Want to know more about the author?
To read more by Sarah Linx check out her Twitter account. If you are interested in purchasing the book you may do so here.

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