An Introduction to My Poetry Posts

Let’s talk about Poetry

First, I’m going to go off script. I’ve never reviewed a poetry book before and, honestly, I don’t want to treat this as a critique. I want to treat this as a chance to share this really cool connection I made with someone I’ll probably never meet. On the rare occasion I review these poetry books it’s for my own personal enjoyment only.

Poetry is the most subjective thing anyone can review. I struggled with my poetry classes in undergrad beyond the structure/mathematical parts. It all seemed pretentious. Interpretation? Analysis? Symbolism? As someone that writes poetry it made it so difficult for me to actually enjoy the process because we weren’t discussing anything! I wanted to take the class to read poetry and talk about poetry, not to learn what one person learned one person learned one person thought about this one poem that every person on this planet has read.

That’s where these posts come in.

Poetry is subjective, beautiful, and amazing. It is telling a story in the way music does, except with words. It is painting a picture in the mind’s eye.

It’s not for everyone and that’s okay. It’s one of the oldest art forms and arguably is one of the oldest forms of writing – before verse became more structured with punctuation.

I don’t know how often I will post poetry, but I hope you will enjoy them. My first couple posts will be on selections from two poetry collections:
“Ramblings” A Poetry Collection by Joy Nibbs and “I Hope This Reaches her Too” by r.h. Sin (To best enjoy these discussions, I recommend you purchase the books by following the links or take advantage of the access via Kindle eReader)

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