What does everyone do with these stupid referral links and codes? Why not experiment with manipulating search engines.

Haskell is on a heating pad under a blanket, hiding from the Montana winter

Like everyone else on this planet on the internet involved in the modern economy, I have started accumulating referral links and codes for products I actually use. I am left with a giant question: WHAT THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THESE?

In my opinion, referral links are used to feast upon social capital and provide some monetary reward in exchange – primarily in reducing the cost of products to the person sharing the link.


I have such mixed feelings about social marketing. As indie authors and reviewers, we rely on social marketing. I decided to devise an experiment. In many ways, this post is about passive social marketing. Happy to explain – someone wants to try out a product and gets on a search engine looking for a referral link. By searching for a referral link they end up on a blog. By ending up on that blog, they click around a little bit more and discover they want to buy someone’s book thanks to a review I’ve written (at least, that’s the goal).

So here’s the referral link post. I will update it occasionally. It will contain referral links (not affiliate links – there is a difference). These are all products I (or my partner) am actively using and am happy to answer questions about if you ask me directly – Twitter will get you the fastest response. I will not talk about them otherwise – I am not an “influencer”. DO NOT TAG THE BRAND. As a friendly reminder, I talk about books and I’m sticking to that. You can use these links with or without talking to me first. Once I stop using these products, I will remove the links.

If this doesn’t seem to benefit anyone (including authors – please let me know if you see no increase in sales) I will edit it with an update on what I learned. The fun thing about WordPress is that I have access to analytics tools that give me the ability to look at insights specific to this post.

If this does seem to benefit everyone in getting more books sold and increasing overall website traffic, I will start requesting additional referral links and codes from other indie authors and reviewers. Same rules as above will apply.

Referral Links/Codes:

Hum Nutrition Referral Code: 1E4424
Details – $10 off first order + $10 off next order for the referrer

Update (3/26/2020): This code has worked (in terms of both drawing traffic & resulting in at least 1 referral)

ClassPass Referral Link: http://class.ps/ncJRh
Details – discounted first month of membership (it is an auto-renewing subscription) + $30 off next month of membership for referrer (based on my current geographic location)

Phlur Referral Link: http://fbuy.me/v/laura_6621
Details – $5 off first order + $10 off next order for the referrer (I have opinions on this one)

Basic Man Referral Link: https://www.getbasic.com/refer/Jacob-HXEXXQSD
Details – $10 off the first order + $10 off next order for the referrer (okay, this one is actually my partner’s subscription)

Tesla Referral Link: https://www.tesla.com/referral/jacob11641
Details – $250 off of a solar panel or 1,000 miles of free supercharging. (If ANYONE uses this one, I will be flummoxed)

ThredUP Referral Link: http://www.thredup.com/r/HPIG6E
Details – $10 off first purchase + $10 off next purchase for referrer

I don’t have any more referral links to add between the two of us, so I need your referral codes for products you actively use. I do not want to list more than 10 codes/links to start, so I have 4 open spots.

Preference is given to authors I have previously worked with or am working with in the immediate future.

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