February 2020: “Trillium” by Margaret Lindsay Holton

Trillium – By ML Holton

In The End There’s Wine

Edited to remove spoiler and shorten overall review with hindsight:
Three families through three centuries. One colonist family. Super heavy on the pro-colonialism and anti-indigenous slant. Two immigrant families. Anti-immigrant. 100% Canadian.

Book reads as clumsily very anti-Irish, anti-Italian, homophobic and anti-autistic (coming from the queer autistic descendant of working class 20th century north American immigrants). This comes across in cartoonish and caricature-like depictions of characters and their dialogue. I attempted to give the author direct feedback in private to seek advice from a sensitivity reader, though I think this may not have been communicated effectively at the time.

(I didn’t add this to the Amazon review, but I’d like to note) – I hate rating systems. I started using them based on technical writing errors only based on APA editorial standards. Like, I tried to come up with some objective way for making every book I wrote a review about 3-5 stars. Only best sellers got anything less than a 3. I was new and never intended to hurt anyone’s feelings with a rating. I was new to using tags and thought they were for my own analytics. This is not a bad book. It is quite the opposite. Nor is a 3/5 a bad rating.

Three stars because I do think it’s a story worth telling. I firmly believe none of the above was intended on the author’s part (until proven otherwise). If any professionally trained sensitivity readers would like to read this book and contact the author with recognition for the beauty of the amazing work of art inside the book and acceptance of the humanness that exists in all of us, please do. I believe in this book.

Want To Read More About The Author?
You can read my interview with Margaret Lindsay Holton here. You can purchase the book here. Follow the book on Twitter here.

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