Nyxie Update: Cat Training

Nyxie is doing great! And who says you can’t train a cat? Nyxie knows what “sit” means and knows that it earns her a treat. She knows how to come get me to turn on her kitty arcade games because the training goes both ways.

We have met a hurdle though: learning how to walk on lead.

Supposedly, the biggest part of getting Nyxie to walk on a lead is getting her used to wearing it. We gave her a few hours on day two (a couple weeks after the first hour) and rewarded her after tracking her down.

I later found her sulking on my spot on the bed, one of her front legs half wriggled out.

[To anyone judging me because there is an obese pygmy giraffe plush toy on the bed: you know you’re jealous.]

But I had a reward for her (in addition to the treats I gave her for her walking around earlier). A new toy!

This provided some soothing distraction while I removed the harness and lead.

The toy was a hit!

I did make sure she really liked her toy before I jumped in to remove the thing she has been playing dead while wearing all afternoon.

She’s so cute with her toys. We’ll see how long this one survives.

It turns out she makes funny faces while playing.

After getting out of the harness she stopped sulking rather quickly.

Sometimes she’s a bit surprised to be caught on camera.

And so we live to continue acclimating Nyxie to the harness and lead another day.

Every morning Nyxie waits by the back door, begging for me to let her outside. For now, I look forward to the day I can put that harness and lead on her, then step outside for my morning yard chores, taking her with me. Hopefully that day is soon.

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