Organizing My Office

It turns out that I have a high demand for organization in my surroundings in order to feel calm and focused.

At this time, my office is not any of those things and it is negatively impacting my work.

I recently moved to a different part of the house without a closet, and I am still working with a desk that has no built in storage, now in a space half the size as before, with more objects than before, and I can’t buy a new desk. To give an example, I went from a 10 X 10 room, to a 7 X 7 (?) alcove with a bookshelf acting as the wall. This needs to contain my keyboard, guitar, flute, the house’s printer, the house’s shredder, the house’s filing cabinet, my desk, my chair, a floor lamp, a book shelf, and, since both animals wish to be in the same area as me at all times, space for Nyxie and Haskell. I don’t have anywhere to put the things that would go inside of a desk, so they all have to sit on top of my desk. I have a small sliver of a work surface taken up entirely by a laptop that is incapable of being moved from a charger because its battery committed suicide overnight with no warning.

I have a shelf wall that sort of provides privacy.

Unfortunately, this is a short and boring post while I focus on trying to organize this space and get on a regular submission schedule.

Speaking of submissions

I am actively submitting short stories and poetry to literary magazines and anthologies. None of these submissions have been previously posted on this website.

I am trying to not go crazy.

All of this is very difficult when an office is disorganized.

Claustrophobia isn’t the correct word and don’t anyone dare call this OCD – that is not appropriate.

Can’t focus.

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