Landscaping The Yard: An Update

I mentioned that one of my current projects is landscaping the yard. And the yard started out looking *rough* for our 1/10 acre lot around this detached townhouse. It started out pretty plain – a weed barrier with mulch overtop.

Our first mission had been building this retaining wall this past summer for stormwater and snowmelt management.

Then I put in two front garden patches. I have my little garden faeries. I spell that with the “ae” because they’re *special* and little gargoyle things. I bet they come alive at night and are Daddy Longlegs ranchers. I’ll take a video sometime about the unusually large population of Daddy Longlegs living in my garden beds around these little statues. I have no issues with other bugs though!

By the front door I have my little freeze thaw resistant flower pot and my rodeo rider.

For today’s interlude, here are some flower pictures. The flowers are flourishing now that they’re in the ground.

In the back yard against the garage wall I plan to plant this radiant honeysuckle.

I love the color orange. It is my favorite color and finding an orange Chrysanthemum made me very happy.

I’m honored that Glowing Goddess Skin (not a promotional link) featured one of my Chrysanthemum photos from the garden.

The next flowers I plan to add are taken mostly from here. I love dark colored flowers and by having them mixed in with brightly colored ones, I believe this creates a nice balance.

I would also like to add Hydrangeas and Peonies as the finishing touches next spring once the sod has been placed and we have a sense of how the honeysuckle is filling in along the garage wall.

What are your favorite flowers? What do you value most in landscaping?

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this brief update on the garden. I hope you are making the most of your time at home and the beautiful autumn weather. Be sure to like, comment, and/or share if you would like to see more updates on our garden and landscaping. Stay happy and healthy!

Thank you for reading ❤

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