Lo Potter

Lo Potter grew up on the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. They received their BSc from Mary Baldwin Women’s College in Staunton, Virginia and their MS from Chatham University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They edit and write for Coffee House Writers.

Professional Web Publications:

Upcoming Anthologies
  • Phantoms – Creative James Media
  • Happily Ever Never – Creative James Media

Podcast Contributions:

Literary Magazine Publications:

Poetry Publications:

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Upcoming Poetry Publications:
  • “Celestial Navigation” – poetry chapbook on aspects of family legacy, spirituality, and the story of a cross-country road trip
  • “Vi” – a poetry book in Esperanto written with Wladyslaw Wood

Upcoming Written Works:

  • “Black Swan Hunting” – an LGBTQA murder mystery
  • “Little Earthquakes In The Sea” – the biography of geophysicist Joseph W. Berg Jr.
  • “Theorem Incomplete” – a novel about mathematics, love, objective proof and the end of the internet as we know it.


What People Say

On the poem “Exo-Skeletons“:

“That last line though. I love it.”

Jeffrey Salem

On the poem “A Lesson Never Learned“:


Nat Kochan

On the poem “A Lesson Never Learned”:

“Intense. Driven.”

Kevin Fontan

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