December 2019: “Boomer’s Criss-Cross Christmas” by Miriam Van Scott

Summary (Warning: Mild Spoilers):Boomer the kangaroo takes us on a global journey through Christmas traditions on every continent on a hunt to understand what Christmas is. Through this representation of cultures and traditions around the world Boomer brings some of that Christmas magic into you and your child’s heart. My Overall Response:Can someone die ofContinue reading “December 2019: “Boomer’s Criss-Cross Christmas” by Miriam Van Scott”

My First Bad Public Review: “The Princess Beard” by Delilah S. Dawson and Kevin Hearne

Note: I did this review as contrast. This all started because I was pissed that someone dared to make a comparison of these authors to the great Sir Terry Pratchett on the back of the book. They didn’t even come close. What I learned is that what makes a best selling book is not theContinue reading “My First Bad Public Review: “The Princess Beard” by Delilah S. Dawson and Kevin Hearne”

December 2019: Holiday Theme

This is the first month I am doing a theme, and since it is December and Christmas is culturally huge in the United States, I decided to choose the theme of Holidays. As a note: I’m not Christian. I am fascinated by Christian mythology and think it has huge impacts on our modern society asContinue reading “December 2019: Holiday Theme”

November 2019: “The Moon Hunters” by Anya Pavelle

Plot Summary (Caution Spoilers!):The year is 2065, and a scientific research vessel is currently tracking dolphins affected by an earthquake in the Pacific Ocean. Dr. Deanne Ambagu and her nurse, Tomas, are examining the belongings of two assumed refugees they found drifting in a rather unusual boat. While both are unconscious, the doctor tries toContinue reading “November 2019: “The Moon Hunters” by Anya Pavelle”