November 2019: “Kitty’s First Day of School” By Sarah Linx

Plot Summary (Caution! Spoilers):It’s Kitty’s first day of school, and she doesn’t know what to expect. As we progress through the school day, Kitty learns how the school is structured. She meets Ms. Whiskers, Mr. Clef, Mr. Geo, and Ms. Star. Additionally, with a new friend Kitty makes an effort to improve the school’s signContinue reading “November 2019: “Kitty’s First Day of School” By Sarah Linx”

October 2019: “A Twist of Starlight” by Betty Valentine

Summary (Warning: mild spoilers): “A Twist of Starlight” begins with the tale of three children, the death of a mother, and the childhood of an evil half brother. A couple hundred years later, we encounter a group of three men, seemingly disconnected from the previous chapters, capturing a scene. From these flickers emerges a beautifulContinue reading “October 2019: “A Twist of Starlight” by Betty Valentine”

October 2019: “Then Came Darkness” by D.H. Schleicher

Summary (Warning: mild spoilers): It’s the Great Depression. The world is on edge as global tensions are building, and economic collapses rip apart every continent. To have any money you have a lot. Religious fanatics have latched on to the sense of impending doom, with the rise of vagrant workers as the Dust Bowl tearsContinue reading “October 2019: “Then Came Darkness” by D.H. Schleicher”

October 2019: “Honor” by Francis Williams

Summary (Warning: mild spoilers): After the Roman Empire has withdrawn her presence from much of Europe, the chaos of competing fiefdoms and the rise of powerful families set the stage for political tensions and invasion. This overwhelmingly beautiful and well-researched novel by Francis Williams realistically depicts fictional representations of the lives of real and imaginedContinue reading “October 2019: “Honor” by Francis Williams”