October 2019: “Kingdom of the Northern Sun” by Clara Martin

Summary (Warning: mild spoilers):In a setting parallel to our own, the United States contains independent kingdoms ruled by powerful fae families interspersed with states. A disabled veteran, named Eileen, seeks to find a way to have independence, use her skills, and manage her own disability. She also finds herself fighting for the freedom of humanContinue reading “October 2019: “Kingdom of the Northern Sun” by Clara Martin”

September 2019: “Chasing Peace” by Alaine Greyson

Summary (Warning: mild spoilers): Twin sisters are faced with different internal responses to the abuse they received growing up. We meet the coping mechanisms and masks of Samantha and Elizabeth Barrett under the manipulative iron fist of their mother, Portia. Elizabeth becomes engaged to a manipulative sociopath through an arrangement made by Portia, then disappearsContinue reading “September 2019: “Chasing Peace” by Alaine Greyson”