Publication Announcement!

I submitted my first piece of COVID-19 related writing. And… Stigma Fighters published my poem Alexithymia in 2020 America! Hop on over there and check it out? Leaving a comment and sharing it would be even better. This is also a good time to mention that I have a poetry collection called “One Hundred DifferentContinue reading “Publication Announcement!”

February 2020: “But I Am Here” by Pamela Bettencourt

This review is going to be a little bit different for a couple of reasons. First, I received this book from the author after receiving an email asking if I would read it and consider reviewing it on my website and in my LiveTweet format. Upon reviewing a summary and the website my answer wasContinue reading “February 2020: “But I Am Here” by Pamela Bettencourt”

2 Perspectives: 1 Event – an examination of 2 poems by Joy Nibbs

In Joy Nibb’s “Ramblings” she presents two poems side-by-side ‘A Vendor’s Complaint’ and ‘The Market’. These two poems, while they can stand alone, are best read together as they provide contrasting perspectives of the value of goods in a marketplace and contrasting value judgements of the people present therein. In ‘A Vendor’s Complaint’ we hearContinue reading “2 Perspectives: 1 Event – an examination of 2 poems by Joy Nibbs”

An Introduction to My Poetry Posts

Let’s talk about Poetry First, I’m going to go off script. I’ve never reviewed a poetry book before and, honestly, I don’t want to treat this as a critique. I want to treat this as a chance to share this really cool connection I made with someone I’ll probably never meet. On the rare occasionContinue reading “An Introduction to My Poetry Posts”