The Shadow Of Trees On A Ceiling

Soul In The Melody

Soul In The Melody – A Poem

Daylight savings time — 5 AM
The sun rises up over the Cascades
And I imagine the world to the east.
Kept awake; your smile is the spark 
The soul in the melody
The flame to a lantern
Hung high inside my heart
Exposing sheet music and poetry
Pulling it from dusty forgotten shelves
Of time, memory, and the unspoken
Hidden by darkness for so many years
Helping me find where I lost
My box of matches 
During all that darkness 



Qordiceps – A Poem

Disease of the mind
It’s rotting your brain
Sunk its fangs into neurons
Instigated masses to climb
Highest point,
Highest knowledge,
No one else can achieve 
From your ivory tower
You’ll rot inside out
Spread electron spores
To find new IP homes
But you’ve claimed 

This is Absolute Truth

No reality can break
This parasite’s hold
You’re now its host
And it’s eating 

Your Soul.

Photo by João P. M. Araújo, via AntWiki