New Short Story And A Lot of Vulnerability: “Stronger”

Before you read this post, please take a moment to read my short story on Coffee House Writers here. Read it? Alright then. Let me take a deep breath. It’s time for me to get vulnerable with you. These emotions are weird and difficult for me. This piece is fiction, but there are pieces ofContinue reading “New Short Story And A Lot of Vulnerability: “Stronger””

New Short Story: The Disappearance of Lula Mae Darling

Hey all! As many of you know, or if you haven’t guessed already based on my author bio, I’m from Middle of Nowhere Atlantic Coastal Region of the Southern United States. I’m married to a New Englander or ,”Yankee”. I grew up surrounded by unique stereotypes, and I love exploring the roles of stereotypes inContinue reading “New Short Story: The Disappearance of Lula Mae Darling”

Short Story Announcement – February 10, 2020

The first version of When A Demon Comes To Dine is live on Coffee House Writers. Head on over there to read it. I mentioned on Twitter recently that I will be posting short stories biweekly with the goal of releasing a collection of short stories at the end of the current year (December 2020).Continue reading “Short Story Announcement – February 10, 2020”

I got published! And a note on trigger warnings.

I’m excited to share that After Alexei published my short story “l’appel du vide”. I learned that though we all experience invasive thoughts that constantly sit in the back of our minds, sometimes reminders can be deeply affecting. For that reason, I’m not sorry for writing it. This story came from me writing these thoughtsContinue reading “I got published! And a note on trigger warnings.”