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I’m sorry for the delay and backlog. I’ve been recently dealing with some chronic health issues that prevent me from interacting with screens. So here are some updates!

I owe 3 reviews – one is a secret surprise review! I’m going to be adding a new live tweet review starting tomorrow.

In the United States it’s been Thanksgiving and we decided to go to Canada for that reason.

My husband and I at the top of the Banff gondola.

I do have a couple exciting announcements:

  • I’m going to start interviewing select authors that submit their books for review through my email contact instructions. More to come in January 2020
  • Beta reading and manuscript feedback services are launching. Rates will be negotiable and will include assistance in choosing publishing methods best for the project, resource finding, and helping to ensure every project I join is a success. More to come in December 2019 and January 2020. I will also be doing Beta reading for a couple different larger groups anonymously as of December 1, 2019.
From the top of the world

I can’t wait to provide more updates and get the next 3 reviews posted. Love to you all and very happy holidays.