Coronavirus US Curve Update: How’s That Flattening Going?

The start of April 2020 has been hard for the United States. Forecasting Cumulative Case Totals It is really cool to watch the things start to flatten. But is that flattening from New York City? Unlikely. As of 5 April 2020, we pushed the 500,000 milestone out to 6-7 of April from what was predictedContinue reading “Coronavirus US Curve Update: How’s That Flattening Going?”

New Jersey: Are We Flattening The Curve?

New Jersey Surge Approximately 1 Week Behind New York As of 4 April 2020 more citizens of New Jersey have died of SARS-CoV-2 than died in the 9/11/2001 attacks. The eastern part of the state of New Jersey abuts New York City, whereas the western part abuts Philadelphia. If we assume that New York CityContinue reading “New Jersey: Are We Flattening The Curve?”

Pennsylvania: Are We Flattening The Curve?

Pennsylvania Department of Health Declares There is “No Sign of Slowing” As of 12:01 AM 4 April 2020 Pennsylvania exceeded the 10,000 case milestone. The majority of cases in Pennsylvania are in the Philadelphia and Eastern Pennsylvania region along the Boston-Washington commuter corridor. As this is a major thoroughfare connected to New York, Connecticut, andContinue reading “Pennsylvania: Are We Flattening The Curve?”

New York: Are We Flattening The Curve?

When Hospitals Are Overwhelmed Emergency Services Cut Low Likelihood Resuscitation As of 1 April, 2020 EMTs in NYC have been instructed to not resuscitate cardiac arrest patients if they cannot get a pulse at the scene. ABC 7 New York explained the reasoning behind this call best: “ “When you’re doing the CPR, you’re pushingContinue reading “New York: Are We Flattening The Curve?”