Occasionally, I may post these, and I’m sure you’ll be happy to ignore them. These are random anecdotes I find while sifting through my “evidence” that I have decided I am not going to use for writing. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a laugh? Let me know if you like it.

Random Anecdote #1

I used to be friends with a bunch of kids in high school who used to all get high in order to eat because they were on stimulants either by choice or not. I remember sitting in the back of my friend’s car on our way to IHOP. For some reason, at this time I was their weird sober friend. The one that never asked for the pipe, but I should have recognized what hotboxing was by that point. While I wasn’t on stimulants, I did have undiagnosed celiac disease. Let’s just say I was also the friend that always wanted to go home early before the second round happened. A dutch oven is not a hot box.