3000 Miles – A Poem

Another forgotten poem – this one seems to be about a high school crush? Maybe? I recognize that those following my writing may be sick of seeing these. I will be trying to mix this up more. I don’t remember the context of this poem. While going through this folder of old poems this oneContinue reading “3000 Miles – A Poem”

Now You’re Gone – A Poem

From the forgotten poems circa 2000 – 2005. This one looks to be on the topic of teenage angst. This one was selected by Jacob from the stack. Now You’re Gone It’s like smilingWhen there’s the lumpIn my throat It’s like cryingAlone, Day after DayNo one will see It’s like lyingAll those wordsYou said toContinue reading “Now You’re Gone – A Poem”

Three Poems On Reality

Next up in the forgotten poems (2000 – 2005) series: ’Escape, ’ ’Dawn,’ and ’Toy.’ Toy Wind me up with the little key I’ll smile and dance: just little me Dressed up in pretty clothes for all to see You’ve made me a toy to reality Escape escape reality close your eyes lean forward intoContinue reading “Three Poems On Reality”

Two Ocean Themed Poems

Continuing the forgotten poems series, these two poems are from sometime between 2000 – 2005. I’m leaving these open to interpretation, though I’m sure teenage angst is a fair assessment. Let me know if they struck a chord for you and, if so, what if was in the comments 🙂 The Rock And The SeaContinue reading “Two Ocean Themed Poems”