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Nyxie Update: Cat Training

Nyxie is doing great! And who says you can’t train a cat? Nyxie knows what “sit” means and knows that it earns her a treat. She knows how to come get me to turn on her kitty arcade games because the training goes both ways.

We have met a hurdle though: learning how to walk on lead.

Supposedly, the biggest part of getting Nyxie to walk on a lead is getting her used to wearing it. We gave her a few hours on day two (a couple weeks after the first hour) and rewarded her after tracking her down.

I later found her sulking on my spot on the bed, one of her front legs half wriggled out.

[To anyone judging me because there is an obese pygmy giraffe plush toy on the bed: you know you’re jealous.]

But I had a reward for her (in addition to the treats I gave her for her walking around earlier). A new toy!

This provided some soothing distraction while I removed the harness and lead.

The toy was a hit!

I did make sure she really liked her toy before I jumped in to remove the thing she has been playing dead while wearing all afternoon.

She’s so cute with her toys. We’ll see how long this one survives.

It turns out she makes funny faces while playing.

After getting out of the harness she stopped sulking rather quickly.

Sometimes she’s a bit surprised to be caught on camera.

And so we live to continue acclimating Nyxie to the harness and lead another day.

Every morning Nyxie waits by the back door, begging for me to let her outside. For now, I look forward to the day I can put that harness and lead on her, then step outside for my morning yard chores, taking her with me. Hopefully that day is soon.

Nyxie Update: Cat Personality Test?

General Update

This post is about a black cat named Nyxie. We adopted her 3 weeks ago. She talks. A lot. It’s sometimes hard to get a word in with her full vocabulary of chirps, naws, maws, mows, woas, nos, and other amazing sounds.

Nothing like the animals booping with an awkward lap shot

Nyxie is settling in well and is now sleeping in the bed most nights. She is a very affectionate cat that will do gentle love nibbles if you stop petting her and she wants you to continue.

She has decided that there is one position that is her favorite to snuggle in. She likes to be attached to my hip. When she was picked up as a stray she weighed 6 lbs, but when we brought her home she was so sick and skinny looking. She spent a lot of time gaining enough weight to look healthy. I’m happy to report she’s back up to 6lbs!

Figuring Out Nyxie’s Personality

I wonder about her history and why she craves so much affection. I don’t know much about cat behavior, so I consult the internet. Cat personality tests are a thing, right?

First in my quest to better understand my cat’s mind I hit up this website I discovered via Google: Meowingtons. They have a list of the Big 5 Cat Personalities they call Neurotic, Extraverted, Dominant, Impulsive, and Agreeable. So I check out their descriptions.


I would absolutely peg Nyxie as neurotic. There’s something absolutely skittish about her. Every time Jacob or the dog flex a muscle in her presence she flies off the bed or wherever she is lounging. In general she’s fairly affectionate with me, but not with many other people.

According to this website neurotic cats thrive on being able to build confidence slowly and having plenty of opportunities to hide so they can do so on their own terms.

Crap. I think I’m neurotic.


Nyxie is absolutely extraverted. She cannot stand to be alone and gets bored very easily. She made friends with Haskell and plays with him, even though he’s in the “I’m angry at not being an only child so I’m going to poop in front of the cat tree” stage. She loves being loved.

It’s noted that extraverted cats need to be kept busy or they could become destructive. Combining this with her extreme dislike of having her toe beans touched (meaning it’s difficult to trim claws) is a bit of a recipe for disaster at the moment if we don’t keep her entertained.


Nyxie is not very dominant. I stand up to Haskell for her because he’s able to chase her off and I’m annoyed at him deciding it’s okay for him to be a little jerk. White dog being a jerk to a black cat right now? I’m not in the mood for that kind of theater.


Nyxie is definitely a little on the impulsive side, but just enough to be useful for problem solving. She likes climbing and getting interesting places. She is very curious about everything and wants to taste all of my house plants.

Interestingly, this website mentions that impulsive cats thrive on routine. Nyxie is a routine driven cat. It’s good to know that this is important to keep up.

Anyone want some succulents? I may need to re-home a few to save their lives.

The Personality Test

So then Jacob and I sat down to do this 2015 Buzzfeed Cat Personality Test. The not-so-scientific listicle experience of cat personality research has us intrigued now. How far can we take this? Time to anthropomorphize our cat to her fullest, purrrrforming potential!

WOW! Look at that totally not obvious sponsorship! You’re not obvious at all!

Okay. Surprisingly, Jacob and I both found this as accurate as any human personality test (which is to say, we have our doubts, but it’s fun to play along).

Have You Done Pet Personality Tests?

I’d love to hear from people who have done pet personality tests or have thought extensively about animal personalities. I find every animal very unique and find animals much easier to read and understand than humans. This may be because I like them better than humans, but look at the world and tell me you blame me.

Thank you for taking time our of your busy day to spend a few moments with me. Did you enjoy this post? Please let me know in the comments or by liking this post!

Nyxie Explores The Downstairs

Nyxie is getting more settled and comfortable in her new home. She is now demanding attention by inviting herself into Jacob’s lap while he is working. She has decided drawers and cabinets are the best things ever. She opens them, runs inside, then closes them. She thinks she is a clever kitty. We think we need to invest in child safety locks.

She has discovered that Jacob’s desk is also a standing desk. You know, that one standing desk from Costco that lots of people decided to all go and buy right before tech companies started saying work from home indefinitely? That one. It’s buttons spook the hell out of me and are so touch sensitive. Nyxie doesn’t care. Elevator cat.

Guess what else this cat is fearless agains? Robotic vacuums. Shadow cat don’t care. House dragon cause bigger scare. Rawr.

Nyxie is doing well. We’re wondering how much she was eating at the shelter – she seems satiated around 2/3 of a cup of food per day with some treats, a snack, or a little wet food thrown in at some point. Otherwise she is *starving* throwing a tantrum.

Play is a work in progress. She does not seem to engage with objects quickly. That makes using toys difficult. I want to try a laser pointer next.

Thank you for reading this update!