Untitled Poems 1 – 4

Yesterday, I began sorting boxes my parents delivered over a year ago after Jacob and I moved into the house. One of these boxes was a mix of school papers, including some of my earliest poetry. These are the poems I’d forgotten about. Based on the folder, they were written sometime between 2000 and 2005,Continue reading “Untitled Poems 1 – 4”

Sketch Book Retrospective: 2003 – 2005

This post is a little different. It’s a bit personal and talks about bullying, as well as lack of family support. I used to draw a lot more than I do now. I never took art classes and was not allowed to take them. The above was a self portrait I drew in 2003 justContinue reading “Sketch Book Retrospective: 2003 – 2005”

Jacob & Lo Fix It: A Teardown, Cleaning, And Reassembly Of The Vornado

Our trusty fan/heater for our bedroom stopped working. When we turned on the heater it smelled like burning hair and set off the fire alarm. When we turned on the fan the blade wouldn’t turn. Were we going to throw it out and get a new one? No way! That’s not the Berg Potter thingContinue reading “Jacob & Lo Fix It: A Teardown, Cleaning, And Reassembly Of The Vornado”