Thoughts On The “Slow Food” Movement

This piece of prose is meant to serve a dual purpose: provide a life update and artistically reflect on 2020. Have you heard of this thing? It’s called, “Slow Food.” I shake my head. “Isn’t that cooking?” “No, no. Not like that.” Judgmental tuts put me in my place. People are always waiting to tellContinue reading “Thoughts On The “Slow Food” Movement”

Lo Is Domestic AF: Saskatoon Berry Biscuits

I love exploring new and unusual foods that break the normal monocultures people expect – particularly, wild edible foods. It had been a while since I did a recipe comparable to the Ship of Theseus, so it seemed time to make that happen again. I hope everyone is ready 🙂 Pictured above are Saskatoon berries.Continue reading “Lo Is Domestic AF: Saskatoon Berry Biscuits”

Today in “Lo Is Domestic AF”: Will It Chocolate Chip Cookie? Part 1

I’m going to let everyone in on a little secret: I’m not a domestic goddess But I really like cookies and my sister has gotten me craving cookies. I blame you dear sweet sister, Becky. Except, unlike her, I am not an angel of the kitchen. No. I create abominations behind closed doors. I presentContinue reading “Today in “Lo Is Domestic AF”: Will It Chocolate Chip Cookie? Part 1”