Galaxy Rise Vs. Moonrise in Adobe Lightroom

In July we stayed at a cabin outside of Salmon, Idaho in a pocket of true dark sky. Before the wildfires started we had the benefit of high clarity photography conditions, giving us the opportunity to witness a “Galaxy Rise” as the Milky Way galaxy came into view after the moon set around midnight/1 am.Continue reading “Galaxy Rise Vs. Moonrise in Adobe Lightroom”

Moonrise With Mars

Jacob and I went for a walk last night around the neighborhood and noticed how clear the sky was. Luckily, we live a short drive away from dark sky, so when it’s clear enough with city light pollution that the Milky Way starts to be visible, we hop in the car. Capturing a moonrise withContinue reading “Moonrise With Mars”

For Linden – A Poem

This poem was crossposted to Instagram on 14 September 2020. For Linden When you look up at the starsDo they guide you on your way?This tiny vessel of time composeOf hands, and feet,And eyes, and toes,On a spaceship on its course – Navigator, your pathIs yours to chooseSo don’t let lightsOf ancient love confuseInstead knowContinue reading “For Linden – A Poem”