A Sky Without Stars: Light Pollution & Human Health

The daylight hours stretch and yawn – extending themselves into the blue edges of the night. I awaken to stars and remind myself that soon they will change – my navigable position on this planet under a glittering sky. This intergenerational knowledge passed into my mind as a child is far older than anyone inContinue reading “A Sky Without Stars: Light Pollution & Human Health”

CHW Publication: Arahura

A new poem on Coffee House Writers makes reference to someplace I’m missing dearly right now: Aotearoa (New Zealand). The Arahura River is a living, breathing thing with a soul unto itself. It is also subject to some heartbreaking history of the colonial Gold Rush era. The Ngāi Tahu or Kāi Tahu iwi made aContinue reading “CHW Publication: Arahura”

Camels And North America

A (Brief) History Of Camels In North America Much to everyone’s surprise, Camels were once native to the North American continent. Eleven thousand years ago these Camelops roamed the western United States and, though modern relatives live in Africa and Asia, relatives of the species as a whole may have spread across to Asia fromContinue reading “Camels And North America”

American Cultured – A Poem

American Cultured Cultured like roadkillOn a hot summer’s dayDrive by high speed18 wheeler fly byAccents rolling off tonguesCleaner than a sailorsWith the artificial faithsOf political bumper stickersThe cults of dental insuranceFiltering through Eisenhower’s veinsWith flashbulb camerasAnd Hollywood trendsThey choke on their implosionExposed maggots chewing awayThe rotten insidesOf the country we mowed downOn our way toContinue reading “American Cultured – A Poem”