Aversion to Masks? How Masks Make A Difference

Why Wear a Mask? An organization called Masks Save Lives is currently calling out a link between “low mask acceptance cultures” and how badly COVID-19 outbreaks are affecting these areas and their failures to flatten the curve once outbreaks began. Research potentially supports this division, a 2009 study in Australia found that the data couldContinue reading “Aversion to Masks? How Masks Make A Difference”

Coronavirus US Curve Update: How’s That Flattening Going?

The start of April 2020 has been hard for the United States. Forecasting Cumulative Case Totals It is really cool to watch the things start to flatten. But is that flattening from New York City? Unlikely. As of 5 April 2020, we pushed the 500,000 milestone out to 6-7 of April from what was predictedContinue reading “Coronavirus US Curve Update: How’s That Flattening Going?”

How Behaviors Impact Coronavirus Spread & Confirmed Case Reporting

Part 1 – Introduction to Issues This is a pretty loaded topic. Breaking this one up into several parts. In this post I’m addressing limitations to medical accessibility, such as uninsured rates, caregiving, and religious exemption from government advised or required disease control practices, such as social distancing. Let’s talk about human behavior and howContinue reading “How Behaviors Impact Coronavirus Spread & Confirmed Case Reporting”

Poverty And Coronavirus: How Bad Could It Get?

Let’s talk about poverty and how it plays a role in pandemics (specifically covid-19 and the current state of things in the US). First, to get this out of the way , Poverty does not mean someone is…dirtydiseaseduneducateddeserving of their positionbeing punishedhas made mistakesis suffering consequencesor any of that B.S. Now that that’s out ofContinue reading “Poverty And Coronavirus: How Bad Could It Get?”