Thoughts On Mary Wollstonecraft’s Statue

Born in 1759, Mary Wollstonecraft was an early feminist and I learned of her first as the mother of Mary Shelley, the mother of Science Fiction. While she was born to what many would call an abusive family by modern standards, what she experienced as childhood was common for women at the time. By aContinue reading “Thoughts On Mary Wollstonecraft’s Statue”

Just Add Solvent – A Poem

Here’s a new poem for everyone. Just Add Solvent If this were a watercolorThis is when the rain would comeFat drops of water swallowingPigments into murky purplesRunning down pagesBlurring the edgesAlready fuzzy; obfuscated If this were a bar you’d be drinkingDowning a shot to diluteThe troubled thoughts in your veinsStretching you taught til you snapBreakingContinue reading “Just Add Solvent – A Poem”