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Announcement: Affiliate Relationship With Happy Givers NPO

Who Are The Happy Givers?

This mug may have been one of the items that won me over. You can buy it through their website here. That’s an example of where you’ll see the affiliate link with an asterisk*

I am now an affiliate of The Happy Givers NPO, the store that supports The Happy Nonprofit. I receive 10% of the return from purchases through my website using my link. I don’t expect to make a lot of money off of it, but I do expect it to draw more attention to this organization.

I recognize that they are a Christian belief based organization. I do not believe partnering with them is in any way conflicting with my ethics. Good advice comes from many places and I agree with the messages that they are trying to spread. I have had additional sets of eyes examine their foundational values to make sure I did not miss anything. They promote the same values of inclusivity, love, and kindness I uphold and find valuable in uncertain times.

"Say Their Names" #BlackLivesMatter Unisex Tee
This is their t-shirt here. I did not use my affiliate link for this one.

As of right now the majority of efforts are going toward supporting COVID-19 relief efforts in Puerto Rico. For those that are unaware, Puerto Rico is still suffering due to the failure of the U.S. Government to provide adequate disaster relief after the hurricanes that hit the islands. To find out more about what the organization is doing, you can visit https://www.happynpo.com/community-kitchen/.

Why Do You Not Donate Directly?

I do and I have been for some time now. What pushed me over the edge to accept an affiliate relationship was when I was looking at the phone case that I ordered a while back.

Here’s that affiliate link again.

All of the products you will ever see are those I am actually using and wearing. You will never see a product mentioned that I am not personally using. I purchase these products without provocation. At the bottom of any article where a picture and link is featured will be a link back to this post and the notation at the bottom of the article that the post contains an affiliate link to their website. I like to put this in bold for the purpose of transparency. You will also see the “affiliate” tag and “The Happy Givers” related tags.

Will You Be Partnering With Additional Companies?

I only plan to be financially partnered and affiliated with nonprofit organizations, or companies that significantly contribute to nonprofit organizations, that I have thoroughly vetted on a case by case basis. These companies or organizations must align with my values. If at any point I find out that they do not, after accepting an affiliate relationship, I will discontinue said relationship and adjust my website accordingly. Part of my vetting process is to avoid that.

Why Now?

There are a number of reasons any website begins having affiliate relationships. I’ve been trying to find ways of making my website self sustainable without ads and it looks like affiliate links may be the best substitute. I’d like to remove ads again someday, so if this method is successful I look forward to an ad free experience to share.

As mentioned above, I am interested in promoting the work that The Happy Givers are doing. They run a children’s home in Peru called Casa de Paz, disaster and COVID-19 relief efforts in Puerto Rico, and an adoption fund called Project Next to help families afford the adoption process.

For more information on The Happy Givers, you can reach out to them via:

Email: info@thehappygivers.com

Mail: 1104 Palma Dorada. Vega Alta. PR. 00692