Write Something Human – A Poem

Write Something Human High school English teachersDemand of childrenThat they “write something human”Write magnificence incarnateWrite “from the heart”On an SAT essay – first try – no mistakesFollow a formula not designedTo recognize traumas’ teachings ofAvoidance – distilled down intoInsincere attempts at givingWashed up old windbags[Calling Postmodernism“Like watching episodes of Seinfeld”]What they wanted because honestyYields badContinue reading “Write Something Human – A Poem”

Untitled Poems 1 – 4

Yesterday, I began sorting boxes my parents delivered over a year ago after Jacob and I moved into the house. One of these boxes was a mix of school papers, including some of my earliest poetry. These are the poems I’d forgotten about. Based on the folder, they were written sometime between 2000 and 2005,Continue reading “Untitled Poems 1 – 4”