Stuck In Traffic: A Short Story

Content Warning: This story discusses human trafficking and pedophilia. Reader discretion is advised. Post Street– Chinese New Year Parade – The traffic devours the patience of every San Francisco driver. A choir of horns blasts the pedestrians from the sidewalks as the barricades teeter in place. An hour and a half after the cab rideContinue reading “Stuck In Traffic: A Short Story”

His Name Wasn’t John: A Poem

Content Warning: This poem addresses child trafficking and child laundering. This poem is based on true events. Reader discretion is advised. His Name Wasn’t John We play in his backyardConquer the big rock Footholds covered inLight blue-grey lichenWhile he saysStrange thingsTo a five year old mindHe talks of AfricaHe talks of memories:His parents still alive(NotContinue reading “His Name Wasn’t John: A Poem”