Twitter Is A Strange Place For Global News Insights

At any given time the major cities around the globe are lit up on the Twitter activity heat map. They don’t sleep, but you’ll see after 5 PM things start to get busier for countries that run on a Monday through Friday work schedule. For those of you losing your minds over that last statement,Continue reading “Twitter Is A Strange Place For Global News Insights”

Poverty And Coronavirus: How Bad Could It Get?

Let’s talk about poverty and how it plays a role in pandemics (specifically covid-19 and the current state of things in the US). First, to get this out of the way , Poverty does not mean someone is…dirtydiseaseduneducateddeserving of their positionbeing punishedhas made mistakesis suffering consequencesor any of that B.S. Now that that’s out ofContinue reading “Poverty And Coronavirus: How Bad Could It Get?”