March 2020: "Ambrosia" by Madison Wheatley

Summary (Caution Mild Spoilers): Crystal lived through hell and emotionally, she’s still there. She views herself as overweight, worthless, and unloved. She blames herself for everything that happened in her past. She fantasizes about an exercise addiction to take her mind off of everything she wants to forget and she’s been trying to do thatContinue reading “March 2020: "Ambrosia" by Madison Wheatley”

Poverty And Coronavirus: How Bad Could It Get?

Let’s talk about poverty and how it plays a role in pandemics (specifically covid-19 and the current state of things in the US). First, to get this out of the way , Poverty does not mean someone is…dirtydiseaseduneducateddeserving of their positionbeing punishedhas made mistakesis suffering consequencesor any of that B.S. Now that that’s out ofContinue reading “Poverty And Coronavirus: How Bad Could It Get?”

Upcoming Reviews: March 2020

Welcome to March 2020! It’s been a crazy year so far and I want to announce the books you can look forward to (though I’m still working through January and February 2020’s reviews). “Death Doll” By Brian P White (Live Tweet Review Coming Soon; Full Review Coming Soon)“Apex Five” by Sarah Katz (Different from theContinue reading “Upcoming Reviews: March 2020”