How To Shop For A Sextant Online During A Global Pandemic

Or… Shopping For My Spouse’s Birthday Gift I shake my head and stare at the screen. “I want to feel the brass and hold it. Feel the movement of each piece and know I’ll be able to calibrate it for him,” I whine to the cat. The autumn winds blowing down from Alaska drown outContinue reading “How To Shop For A Sextant Online During A Global Pandemic”

For Linden – A Poem

This poem was crossposted to Instagram on 14 September 2020. For Linden When you look up at the starsDo they guide you on your way?This tiny vessel of time composeOf hands, and feet,And eyes, and toes,On a spaceship on its course – Navigator, your pathIs yours to chooseSo don’t let lightsOf ancient love confuseInstead knowContinue reading “For Linden – A Poem”