Untitled Poems 1 – 4

Yesterday, I began sorting boxes my parents delivered over a year ago after Jacob and I moved into the house. One of these boxes was a mix of school papers, including some of my earliest poetry. These are the poems I’d forgotten about. Based on the folder, they were written sometime between 2000 and 2005,Continue reading “Untitled Poems 1 – 4”

New Short Story: The Vacant House

Up now on Coffee House Writers is my short story The Vacant House. This is an experimental piece I’ve played around with since its first draft in 2015. Since then it morphed into what it is now and I decided that it was time to throw it out into the world for some feedback. MyContinue reading “New Short Story: The Vacant House”

American Cultured – A Poem

American Cultured Cultured like roadkillOn a hot summer’s dayDrive by high speed18 wheeler fly byAccents rolling off tonguesCleaner than a sailorsWith the artificial faithsOf political bumper stickersThe cults of dental insuranceFiltering through Eisenhower’s veinsWith flashbulb camerasAnd Hollywood trendsThey choke on their implosionExposed maggots chewing awayThe rotten insidesOf the country we mowed downOn our way toContinue reading “American Cultured – A Poem”