Forgotten Poetry: Dreams Of An Unborn Child

This forgotten poem is from sometime between 2003 – 2007. The meaning is likely having to do with my choice having been made from an early age that I preferred the idea of adopting a child over having a biological one. That said, these poems always have open interpretations. Dreams Of An Unborn Child OhContinue reading “Forgotten Poetry: Dreams Of An Unborn Child”

New Short Story And A Lot of Vulnerability: “Stronger”

Before you read this post, please take a moment to read my short story on Coffee House Writers here. Read it? Alright then. Let me take a deep breath. It’s time for me to get vulnerable with you. These emotions are weird and difficult for me. This piece is fiction, but there are pieces ofContinue reading “New Short Story And A Lot of Vulnerability: “Stronger””