3000 Miles – A Poem

Another forgotten poem – this one seems to be about a high school crush? Maybe? I recognize that those following my writing may be sick of seeing these. I will be trying to mix this up more. I don’t remember the context of this poem. While going through this folder of old poems this oneContinue reading “3000 Miles – A Poem”

Three Forgotten Poems On Life

Three more forgotten poems to share from 2000 – 2005. Please let me know if you enjoy these and which ones you enjoy most and if you have any interesting interpretations. Black And White Life is not in Black and WhiteJust many shades of GreySeasons change with every sunLife is just that way A ColdContinue reading “Three Forgotten Poems On Life”

My Guitar – A Poem

This forgotten poem is likely from later in high school, 2005 – 2007. Let me know if you have any interesting interpretations in the comments 🙂 My Guitar As I run my fingers across the stringsI feel a spirit move in meIt brings a force out of my handsAn uncontrollable beat to be set freeAndContinue reading “My Guitar – A Poem”

Now You’re Gone – A Poem

From the forgotten poems circa 2000 – 2005. This one looks to be on the topic of teenage angst. This one was selected by Jacob from the stack. Now You’re Gone It’s like smilingWhen there’s the lumpIn my throat It’s like cryingAlone, Day after DayNo one will see It’s like lyingAll those wordsYou said toContinue reading “Now You’re Gone – A Poem”