Writing Services

Developmental Editing & General Writing Support

Developmental Editing allows for major change suggestions that will impact the structure and style of the resulting manuscript or story. With over 10 years of scientific writing experience, a published masters research thesis, an undergraduate research thesis (I had one), I have been through major writing projects ranging from non-fiction podcast episodes on strychnine to writing obituaries for pets and humans.

This may involve overhauling scenes, finding plot holes, anachronisms, fact-checking or suggesting additions for clarification.
(USD$50+/per project)

Professional Eulogy & Obituary Services

Every loved one, be it a spouse, parent, sibling, child, friend, or pet, deserves to be remembered. I will work with every person that contacts me to write something to remember your loved one by. Each project is special, and because of that every project will be individually quoted if it involves making arrangements beyond the writing, but all writing associated work is free.

Services can include arranging for printing, distributing to periodicals of your choice, and delivery of paper products or arranging for engraved items/mourning pieces. I do not offer slideshow or AV memorials at this time.

At no charge I will help write obituaries for loved ones and answer questions on obituary writing for publication. I am also available to help edit eulogies, also at no charge.

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